Mike's Rules

For a happy Customer, neighbor and Driver

I can not stress enough how important it is for all customers to bag their trash. This helps to keep trash from blowing around and above all, keep the trash guy clean and safe from what ever you put in the cart or dumpster. What ever is loose can fall out or blow out. And sometimes things break and we have to pull the trash out by hand. As some of you know, because I have told you, things like dog poop will keep us from taking out the trash. 
I only ask for some courteous treatment for myself and employees.
We have purchased liners for the carts and if you see one in your cart, you have violated this simple rule way to many times. You will be charged $5.00 a week for each week we must bag your cart. The rubber band alone cost 2 bucks. If you do not want to pay it buy some trash bags. $5 bucks gets you enough for a couple months at the store. 

These Rules apply to residential, commercial customers and to us.
We are not perfect so let us know when we mess up. We will address it the best we can. Missed pickups are going to happen. Whether it is our fault or not we will try and get it the same day if we know before 1PM.  If it happens, call us at 775-482-9293.  Remember trash needs to be out and ready for pickup on your pick up day. Commercial and Residential is at 6am.

This is a work in progress. Please let us know if you have a special need so we can plan the route to accommodate it.  Most of the commercial locations have enclosures or fenced area for dumpsters. We will work with customer to assure that they are serviced so you don't have dumpsters outside of your enclosure. If your dumpster is located in a locked area you may not get serviced but, you will  be charged for the stop. Residential customers will receive a 95 gallon trash cart. This is  a  1/2 yard of capacity. We did this to save you from having to have two carts or overloaded cart. Let's all work together keeping our communities free of overfilled trash receptacles.

Cart and dumpster Lids

All lids must be closed after rubbish has been put into carts or dumpsters. This helps keep the trash where it belongs. It also keeps critters out of the trash. 
If your unit is full please call and we will empty so as to not be an eyesore. We will do this occasionally, once or twice a quarter, at no cost to residential  customers only. More than twice in the same quarter, you will be charged an off route fee. If we see a dumpster full we will empty it. You will get a call from us letting you know we serviced it.


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Cart and Dumpster access

This is very important. All cart and dumpster customers are responsible for maintaining access to carts or dumpsters. We will pick up carts as long as they are not in the garage, blocked by a vehicle in the driveway, in the back yard or lock in a fenced area. We know that most locations do not have curbs or sidewalks. End of the driveway works great. If you have a fenced area, put it outside the fence please. The shorter the walk, the happier the driver. If you have the occasional bag, 35lbs max, please place next to the cart. We will empty customer owned carts if our truck can pick them up, 35 gallon max. 

Dumpsters must be on a hard surface so wheels can roll and the driver can move easily. Mud doesn't work.  Must also be accessible to truck. If you have an enclosed area we will access to remove dumpster(s) and we will place back in your enclosure, without knocking down your walls. We will not leave them in the vehicle access area, parking lot or on the road. 

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What goes in

Household waste only
Food waste, cans, bottles, paper products including cardboard boxes. Breaking down the boxes saves tons of space. Animal waste without the dirt. Leaves and small branches, lawn clippings and the like. Clothing and similar items. Old toys, broken plates. You get the idea.
Bagged trash is a must 

NO CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS in carts or dumpster
You will be charged for removal of debris from our cart, dumpster or Truck. Absolutley no Concrete, metal, Dirt or Rocks in Dumpsters or carts. We will not empty a cart or dumpster with with this type of debris. You will still be billed for the stop. If we have to remove the debris, you will be billed. Repeat offenders will be terminated. Contractors doing work on your property should make arrangements for debris removal. 
If you have this type of debris, please let us know and we will bring a dump trailer or Roll-Off you can fill. It is priced very reasonable for our customers.
To help the personnel at the landfill, we will try and sort as much as possible. Wood, tires and metal items do not go in the household trash area at the landfill. If you have questions please call the office.
No Furniture or beds in Dumpster

We will pick up waste oil if in an original container such as a quart or 5 quart containers. No GLASS containers. Place containers next to cart or dumpster and label as Used Oil.   In a box would be nice.
Place batteries next to cart or dumpster also. 
Any item that is suspected to be hazardous will be left untouched and customer will be contacted and charged for the Stop

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Roll-Off's are for cleaning out your yard or garage or for demolition material. They can also be used for scrap metal, old car parts, furniture and appliances. Pretty much anything Except hazardous material. 
We will pick some items such as paint, oil and batteries but all liquid items must be in closed containers and batteries must be loaded on the bottom rear of the unit. You must notify us of any items that may be hazardous. 

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